The ERSI D. Jackson Collection is a vast collection of Roman keys and padlocks.

The collection, which has almost five hundred pieces of keys and padlocks, had belonged to Donald Jackson, an American collector.

ERSI acquired the collection in 2017, guaranteeing Donald to maintain the integrity of the collection and to enhance it, making it known and making it available to scholars and archaeologists.

The meticulous work behind cataloging the pieces, started by Donald, is finally finished and we are proud to present you the entire collection.

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Type I - Lift and shift Roman keys
Type II - Keys for lift and shift type locks, with figural handle
Type III - Other Roman keys
Type IV - Traditional ring keys, both lift and shift and rotary type
Type V - Ring keys for spring type locks
Type VI - Keys of Tibetan and Asian origin
Type VII - Keys from various countries and epochs
Type VIII - Padlocks from various epochs and countries